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Design of hollowcore floors & stairs

Process of Designing Hollowcore and Stairs

  • Client/potential customer sends us in the plans in Autocad format
  • Using our Floorcad program we can design the hollowcore/stairs layout and insert it into the plans
  • When the job in question has progressed to where all the blockwork (internal and external walls) are up three rows, we call to site to carry out an exact measurement, as plans are rarely accurate enough to manufacture to
  • After measurement we send the revised layout with exact measurements to the clients engineer for approval
  • Floorcad allows us to test the strength of the concrete floor slabs using the loadings that are supplied by the clients engineer
  • Once we’ve got approval the hollowcore/stairs can be put into production
  • After the curing period, hollowcore/stairs are ready for installation
  • Each floor slab is marked with the job number and a unique slab number for loading and installation
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