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Hollowcore Flooring

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Hollowcore Flooring Hollowcore Flooring Hollowcore Flooring


Moylough Concrete Products Ltd. Hollowcore Flooring Systems have been designed for quick installation, to significantly increase build efficiency, and to provide high levels of construction strength and quality. Designed to meet each customer's build specification, hollowcore flooring systems are fixed on-site quickly and economically.

Time to finish can be within hours of delivery. Hollowcore flooring systems can be laid over muddy or uneven grounds, eliminating the need to compact infill for ground floors. Upper floor construction is expedited quickly and to exacting quality standards. Hollowcore flooring systems eliminate the need for costly and time-consuming on-site concrete pours, disposal of tailings, and similar inefficiencies. This proven construction method provides one of the cleanest and most efficient flooring systems available.

Hollowcore Options MCP

Hollowcore flooring is available in 150mm, 200mm, & 250mm Core Slab to meet most applications

Why You Should Choose Concrete Flooring

  • Quick installation decreasing building schedule.
  • Client can grout slabs immediately after installation.
  • Installed within hours of arriving on site
  • Immediately stable floor surface to blocklay on
  • Saves time and money on costly poured concrete alternatives
  • High load capacity High levels of fire safety (1 hour +)
  • Low sound/vibration transmission - no creaking timber joists
  • Features such as voids and balconing can be incorporated into design

Why You Should Choose Moylough Concrete Products Hollowcore Flooring

  • Trustworthy reputation
  • Track record of satisfied customers - references available on request
  • Competitively priced without compromising on quality and service
  • Our fully trained and experienced staff are available to assist clients whenever possible with the aim of bringing the job to a satisfactory conclusion for everyone
  • Floor layout measured, designed, manufactured and installed by our experienced staff - saving the client labour costs and hassle
  • Our technical staff works hand in hand with the clients engineer and builder to ensure that there are no risks of excessive loading on any of the slabs or structural steel
  • We have over 15 years experience of working primarily in the private housing market
  • All our products are manufactured to the highest quality standards. Strength of slabs are fully tested to allow the client to build partition walls on the 1st floor using blockwork, minimising sound levels even further for the client
  • Steel in the hollowcore slabs is pre-stressed (pulled), eliminating the need for extra steel in the poured screed, saving the client extra costs (however, there are exceptions if there are extremely heavy loads being transferred from the roof)
  • Our concrete floor slabs are lighter than solid ended slabs, reducing loads on the walls below and reducing the risks of cracking
  • Our concrete floor slabs are of a consistently higher quality over other slabs.
  • Our method of manufacturing is mostly mechanised, resulting in a consistent slab thickness. An inconsistency in slab thickness can result in extra cost and time when pouring the screed
  • Electrical wires and other services can be run through the cores of our slabs, making it much safer for future tradesmen to work
  • If the client requests it, the open ends of the cores can be closed

Load Span Tables

We have compiled a detailed loadspan table for all currently available hollowcore flooring. (Please note: Moylough concrete is not responsible for direct or indirect damage as a result of imperfections in this data)


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